Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Get What You Pay For

Attorneys are like everything else in get what you pay for. Some attorneys are very expensive and some are extremely inexpensive. If you get quoted a fee by an attorney for your criminal charges and that fee seems low, you need to take a moment and remember the statement above. That attorney most likely isn’t going to put the time into your case that is required.

I have had many people come in my office and tell me that they never met their attorney except for the day they paid them and the day that they plead their charges out. The individual then begs me to help them out by withdrawing their plea. Most often times, I cannot help them. The attorney never put the time into the case because they quoted a low fee and only did a minimal amount of work. Do not let this happen to you.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Florida Point System

Florida Point System
In 2007, 24,994 drivers in Florida got their driver's license suspended because of point accumulation. If you receive a traffic ticket be careful with how you handle it so you do not get your license suspended.
Remember, you do not get points when you receive a traffic ticket. You only get points when you pay a traffic ticket, or are found guilty in Traffic Court. You may be able to avoid points on your driver's license by electing traffic school, or hiring a Florida traffic ticket attorney. If you already have points on your license, an experienced traffic ticket attorney may even be able to help you remove them.
The following is information on points assessed against your driver license if you choose to pay the civil penalty or are adjudicated guilty by a Traffic Judge or Magistrate.

Traffic Violation Points Assessed
Non-Moving violations 0 points
Moving violations (non-speeding, no accident) 3 Points
Speeding 15 m.p.h. or less over the posted speed 3 Points
Speeding more than 15 m.p.h. over posted speed 4 Points
Passing Stopped school bus 4 Points
Moving violation (non-speeding) resulting in a crash 4 Points
Unlawful speed resulting in a crash 6 Points
Reckless driving (criminal traffic violation) 4 Points
Leaving scene of crash with damage (>$50) 6 Points
Littering 3 Points
Violation of child restraint laws 3 Points

Amount of Points Time Period Length of Suspension
12 Points accumulated within 12 Months 30 Days
18 Points accumulated within 18 Months 3 Months
24 Points accumulated within 36 Months 1 Year

Drivers, age 15-17, who receive 6 points will be restricted to a business purposes only license for 12 months or until reaching age 18. Restriction time is increased by 90 days for each additional point if additional points are accumulated./span>